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We believe time is precious and we invest it wisely. We use Xero to cut down manual data entry allowing you more time to work on your business, and us more time to provide reliable, relevant and strategic advice.

Xero is an amazing product that allows you to import and categorise your accounting data securely and accurately in an instant. It allows you to be always up to date with your business finances, saves you installing, backing up and maintaining software and provides us with more timely, reliable data. You can set 'rules' so the system will pre-fill your accounting entries awaiting your one-click tick of approval. You can see your cash flow at a glance, send invoices on the fly and access your information wherever you have an internet connection - even from your smartphone.

Stop paying for your accountant to spend hours manually entering data and instead receive smart business advice and planning support instead. Using a cloud accounting system such as Xero allows us to deliver better service and advice as we have real time access to your up to date business financial information. A Squared Advisers are Xero Certified Accountants based in Newcastle.

We are convinced you will love Xero.